NVM Design System

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NewVoiceMedia is a cloud service company based in Basingstoke, England. The company’s ContactWorld platform uses customer contact technology as a cloud service by connecting customers through existing telephone infrastructures and using the internet to pass along previously collected client information to agents. The company works in 128 countries,

NVM seamlessly integrates all the communication channels with Salesforce® CTI to help your teams create exceptional, emotive conversations, that help more and sell more around the world.



Creating a design system wich works as a living entity containing the common linguistics, principles, and tools to help teams build products coherently. It increases communication and understanding between disciplines, especially designers and engineers. It includes written content for each UI component, visual property, UI pattern and code component that needs to be built. With this design system, the NVM teams are able to define and change the components easily.



Pattern Library
Visual Properties
Implementation Guidelines