Guide, Guard, Advocate

NORCAL Mutual Campaign

The Guide, Guard, Advocate (GGA) campaign was created to redefine brand and marketplace positioning as the company became a national brand. By clearly and boldly stating three positioning pillars, NORCAL told a story– that they truly understand physicians. The ‘Guide’ element represents a strength in providing thoughtful counsel and continuing education. ‘Guard’ highlights an assurance to always defend against fraudulent claims. ‘Advocate’ represents standing up for the practice of good medicine.

The audience for the GGA campaign was the broader external medical professional liability insurance (MPLI) community – made up of prospective physicians, health care professionals and MPLI agents and brokers. The language and imagery used is targeted at eliciting an emotional response from those who practice medicine, or those who seek insurance coverage options for healthcare professionals. The campaign creative aspired to show those with competitive providers that the brand and company offer a high-touch, relationship-centric experience.

With well over two hundred print/digital placements in industry trade publications, tens of thousands of direct mail pieces, and over one hundred thousand emails distributed since the inception of the campaign the response from the market has been very positive. The agents/brokers have reported that this campaign has helped them define NORCAL Mutual to their prospective clients as well as introduce discussions around our offerings. It has helped NORCAL Mutual tell the story of a new, nationally-focused NORCAL Mutual intent on providing policyholders a true guide, guard and advocate in the medical professional liability insurance space.