The Current

Seasonal Agency Newsletter

Prior to producing The Current — NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company’s seasonal agency newsletter — the communications with agency partners consisted of sporadic emails sent from desktop applications like Outlook, with content that was mostly transactional in nature.

In order to shift the focus from NORCAL to bringing timely, relevant, and consistent information to partners, The Current was first published in Summer 2015 in both electronic and print formats, with a distribution of over 600. The publication includes product developments, highlights of the latest sales tools, upcoming events, and relevant company and industry news, all in the context of how it will benefit the associates and their clients. The Current is now one of the primary communication channels and a welcome resource for all agency partners. Its’ purpose is to deepen brand recognition, ensure a consistent touch point of valuable information and ultimately make it easier for partners to present NORCAL Mutual as the preferred carrier.

The click through rate for the email announcements has grown with each issue; the first achieved a 29% clickthrough rate, and the latest issue a healthy 43%. The printed piece has also been particularly well received based on feedback from the agents.

AWARD: The Current has been recognized with the HERMES Gold Award in the Magazine Category.


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